Rapid Ranking Blueprint

The Rapid Ranking Blueprint: The Missing Guide to SeNuke X

Rapid ranking blueprint

Rapid Ranking Blueprint is a training program developed by Brian Valentine, a veteran Internet Marketer who has successfully maintained high-ranking sites through the years. This is Brian Valentine’s first major offer, although he has created a free video series for the purpose of training fellow internet marketers (see below). With the Rapid Ranking Blueprint, Brian’s goal is to teach people the methods, techniques, and tools he uses which enable his websites to gain ranking quickly, and also how to make that ranking last.

Make sure to check out Brian Valentines free video series below for a sample of the high level of instruction you can expect from the Rapid Ranking Blueprint. Also make sure to check out the sales video for the course, which is very informative. And if you are still undecided about SeNuke, please check out my SeNuke X review to learn about the new version 2.0 features and modules.

Use Rapid Ranking Blueprint to Get the Most Out of SeNuke X

One of the major topics in the Rapid Ranking Blueprint is the creation and maintenance of backlinks. Backlinks are known to be one of the major components of search engine optimization, but for many people it is like a foreign language. They use it, but don’t really understand the effects of it on their site rankings.

Worse, they may even be unaware that their particular backlink building strategies may be wrong. This could mean that their efforts are actually ineffective, or worse, could even be hurting their websites ranking. With the Rapid Ranking Blueprint, Brian Valentine starts with a detailed explanation on what backlinks are, how they affect your websites ranking, and how to really take advantage of them for solid, lasting results.

How Is Rapid Ranking Blueprint Unique

While there are many training programs available that teach different methods of backlink building, Brian Valentine’s Rapid Ranking Blueprint is unique in so many ways. First, he tells you upfront that this is not a get rich quick strategy. While he does believe in fast results, they are in no way instant results, and one of the things he insists on is that anyone using the Blueprint successfully is going to get their hands dirty.

Secondly, he gives detailed advice on how to use four of the most useful programs in the internet marketing industry: Market Samurai, SEnuke X, The Best Spinner and Scrape Box. These particular software programs are integral to the strategies discussed in the Rapid Ranking Blueprint, and Brian Valentine shows you exactly how to use each, in order to maximize the gains of the other programs, all to your benefit.

Lastly, the Rapid Ranking Blueprint uses pdf guides and over 10 hours of video to show, step by step, exactly what Brian Valentine does himself, his secrets to his success, exposed to everybody who undergoes the program. The HD videos give you an over the shoulder perspective as Brian takes you through the niche research, keyword selection, SEO, and backlinking of a new website.

Main Elements Of The Course

First Phase: The Foundation

The Rapid Ranking Blueprint is full of important and useful content for the internet marketer, but it all begins with The Foundation. In this phase of the training, an internet marketer is taught the importance of backlinks, and just how they work, and why you need them. You will also be taught about what he calls link velocity and link value, and how to balance the two to get high quality backlinks.

Here Brian also discusses the basic strategies of quality over quantity, how to avoid getting your backlinks deleted, strategies for footprint reduction, and just how fast is too fast when it comes to building backlinks.

Second Phase: Targeting Profitable Markets

In this phase, Brian Valentine teaches how to analyze and identify the levels of competition in a particular niche. In 7 mini-modules and 16 videos, he covers topics like finding keywords that won’t cost you time or money, 13 ways to analyze competition strength, locating and tapping hungry markets, and ninja tactics for finding in-demand products.

He also covers how to cherry pick low hanging fruit, and to get Amazon, Google and Ezine Articles to give up keywords for markets and current niches that are in demand and can be monetized. The ultimate goal is to find a niche where an authority site can be created in order to generate a steady flow of income.

Third Phase: SEnuke X and The Best Spinner

The next phase discusses the use of SEnuke X and The Best Spinner to create quality backlinks for the site created after the second phase. The goal of this phase is to teach one exactly how to optimize an SEnuke X backlinking campaign, so that you can actually see that your efforts result in real gains.

Here he teaches how to optimize your backlinking campaign using these two software programs, and how to create and integrate killer product sales videos into them. The goal in this phase is to learn the strategies and tricks available maximizing the use of these two software tools.

Phase Four: Link Pyramid Domination

The last phase of this program discusses the Link Pyramid Theory, and Brian Valentine begins by discussing this in-depth. He tackles how to use SeNuke X to properly set up a link pyramid campaign, which keyword anchor text should be used for the interlinking, how to use forum profiles in your backlinking, and how to use scrapebox to build a large library of high PR forums that only you know about.

Brian Valentine also discusses the methods he uses in strategically plotting and planning successful campaigns, and rounds off this phase of training by showing you, step by step, how he sets up a successful link pyramid campaign.

Is The Rapid Ranking Blueprint For You?

Clearly Brian Valentine has a lot to teach, and there is a lot to gain for someone who is willing to put these techniques into practice. However, what he teaches is how to create a lasting authority site, which can generate income for years, and if your own strategy does not include the use of such authority sites, then this program may not be for you.

In addition, the Rapid Ranking Blueprint offers new methods for the tools that most internet marketers already possess, which means that anyone using the program has to be teachable, and willing to use the system. For anyone willing to do the work of properly setting up and backlinking an authority site, then the Rapid Ranking Blueprint can provide the strategies and the techniques that will consistently get your website to the top of the SERP’s.


This course is the users guide that should have been included with every copy of SeNuke sold. Besides being chock full of solid content and no fluff, Brian is an excellent teacher and speaker. He talks clearly and carefully explains all the important details, glossing over nothing. The course is over 10 hours of video long, and it is worth every minute. Once you have gone through all the videos (which I recommend you do at least twice), the course continues in the members area of the Rapid Ranking Blueprint website, where you can ask any questions for Brian to answer.

Brians methods require a bit more work up front sure, but the end results make it more than worth extra effort. And, you have the added benefit of knowing that you aren’t filling up the internet with spam. For the price of $97, you get:

Learn the Right way to use:

    • SeNuke X
    • Scrapebox
    • thebestspinner
    • Market Samurai

and he also covers;

  • Niche Research
  • Backlinking theory
  • Link Velocity and Link Volume
  • Proxie Use
  • On Page SEO
  • How to Make Product Videos
  • Duplicate Content
  • How to Find High PR Forums

Brian Valentines Rapid Ranking Blueprint is the perfect complement to SeNUke X, in my opinion. But the icing on the cake is that the course teaches you about much more than just how to use SeNuke properly. If that was all it did, it would till be worthy the $97 price tag. But the Rapid Ranking Blueprint teaches you in detail how to use Scrapebox, Market Samurai, and the Best Spinner as well.

Please be sure to check out the videos below. The first 6 are Brian Valentines free video series, and it will give you an excellent sample of what you can expect more of in the Rapid Ranking Blueprint videos.

The next video below is the actual sales video for the course. It’s well worth watching as Brian goes over in more detail what will be covered in Rapid Ranking Blueprint.

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SeNuke X Diagram Designer

SeNuke X Diagram Designer Overview

Senuke X diagram designer

The SeNuke X diagram designer is probably the best known of all the newly added modules in SeNuke X, you can find a reference to it in nearly every SeNuke X review and video on the net.

Please check out the short video below the post to see the SeNuke X Diagram Designer at work.

The SeNuke X diagram designer is just another term for the link diagram editor embedded in the recently released SeNuke X SEO software program. The name “diagramĀ designer” is really more representative of how it functions, than for what it does, and it is a very effective tool.

The diagram designer is not by any means another run of the mill feature, churning out diagrams that are mass produced in an assembly line and serve no purpose at all. The SeNuke X diagram designer could just as easily have been called the visual backlink campaign editor. It is the reason why the SeNuke X diagram designer is called a designer; it visually helps you create and discover the best backlinking campaigns possible. Ā It also enables you to easily change things in order to try new strategies.

SeNuke X diagram designer is in essence a backlink campaign editor that allows you to make use of and combine all the many varied backlinking opportunities that Web 2.0 offers. You can build links pointing to your money site across all kinds of accounts and article, blog, video, RSS, and social bookmarking directories. And you can create several tiers, or layers, creating an amalgam of interlocking links that the search engines cannot fail to notice. The SeNuke X diagram designer was developed to easily build an online marketing campaign into a self-sustaining process that requires little manual tending. Once set-up, you can turn away from the computer and take care of your day job, or other important tasks.

SeNuke X Diagram Designer is User Friendly

Because of its visual nature, the SeNuke X diagram designer is not difficult to learn to use. A rookie internet marketer will find it as easy as veterans will to get started, if you use the step by step wizard. And the designer has several excellent included templates that you can choose from, particularly valuable to a new user. But the best feature of the designer is that it allows your inputs to be integrated into the final campaign strategy. The SeNuke X diagram designer recognizes the fact that you might have something to say about how your backlinking campaign should be conducted.

SeNuke X Submits on AutoPilot

All of the things that the SeNuke X diagram designer is capable of doing is, of course, useless if you have to submit posts or videos one at a time or individually. Imagine the time and amount of outsourcing money you’ll need to shell out in order to get things done. You won’t have to worry about that, thankfully, since this is what SeNuke X does best. SeNuke X will activate itself and on a pre-set schedule it automatically submits your blog posts, videos, articles, and social bookmarks to hundreds of highly ranked directory pages, websites, and web 2.0 properties that are contained in the softwares database. The database of websites is constantly being updated with new sites, almost on a weekly basis. You have full control over the selection of websites as well as the scheduling of the submissions. There may be times where you would like to spread the submission out over the course of a week, or a month, and SeNuke X lets you do that if you like, it depends on the strategies you have developed. SeNuke X diagram designer is ably supported by every other feature included in SeNuke X, helping to make your campaign more effective, and most important profitable.

A Brief List of the Modules Contained in SeNuke X

  • Web 2.0 account creation module
  • Article Directory module (sockets based now!)
  • Social Bookmarking module
  • Rss Module
  • Video Module
  • Toolbox Module
  • Web 2.0 profile creation module
  • Niche Research module
  • Pinging module
  • Campaign and project management
  • Press Release Module
  • Indexing Module
  • Visual Diagram Designer
  • Step-By-Step Wizard
  • Schedule submissions and projects
  • 10 to 100 times faster – uses multi-threading instead

Download the Trial to Try Out The SeNuke X Diagram Designer

All these features are purely theoretical to you unless you download the SeNuke X software and see exactly how the SeNuke X diagram designer works. Your previous internet campaign experience will certainly be helpful as you try to find the most efficient combinations that will bring home the bacon. The 14 day trial period that the creators of the software allow should be enough time for you to run some campaigns 24/7, not just half-hearted campaigns but some more serious and complex ones, and determine whether or not SeNuke X with the included SeNuke X diagram designer is the SEO automation application that you have been looking for.

Check out the video below which explains in detail what the SeNuke X diagram designer can do, and how to use it.

SeNuke X Diagram Designer