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Every internet marketer wants to rank high in the search engines – Nuke4Me is a service promoted by Areeb and the SEnuke X team to help that dream become a reality. Whether you have been in this industry for ten years or you know nothing about ranking on search engines, Nuke4Me aims to provide you with some SEO help.

If you have already read an Senuke X review, you might be familiar with its features and how it can help you get better rankings. But just like every other SEO tool, it’s difficult to find the strategy that works the best for you. Nuke4Me aims to take that problem off your shoulders. Read more »

Understanding The SEnuke X Indexing Project

What Is SEnuke X’s Indexing Project?

indexing project
Simply stated, the SEnuke X Indexing Project is a tool within SEnuke X that allows the backlinks it creates to be indexed by Google as soon as possible.

The concept of indexing, which is done by the search engines can be a little bit confusing at the beginning, which is why SEnuke X’s Indexing Project, a.k.a. Xindexer, aims to simplify this for the user. The makers of the Xindexer, as with the entire SEnuke X software, have the goal of creating a program that makes it easier to create useful backlinks that Google will index quickly, allowing the benefits to be seen quickly. They do this in such a way that individuals using the software and its various tools won’t need to have any specialized knowledge in order to use SEnuke X.

If you would like more information on the different SeNuke X Modules, and what the overall capabilities of SeNuke are, please check out my SeNuke X Review.

What is Indexing and Why is it Important?

Indexing is the process by which search engines like Google check the entire web and collect specific data from websites and places these in their database. Google does this in two ways: Deep Crawl Indexing and Skim Crawl Indexing. The former is an extensive indexing process that indexes the entire web which can take about 4-6 weeks. The latter is done more frequently as it just tries to detect new or emerging content. This is important because this is how search engines would generate search engine results when a specific search query is typed in by the users.

So if your site, or the backlinks you generate aren’t indexed, Google won’t be able to use them to determine the ranking of your sites.

How Does My Site Get Indexed?

Well, this is an automated procedure that is done by Google. The problem is, with all the content that is available in the web, your content might not generate great page ranking results. This is what the Indexing Project of SEnuke X tries to help you with. The Indexing Project makes sure that the Google bots that are indexing the web take note of the new backlinks that have been created, so that your site can benefit from them.

How Does The Indexing Project Do This?

The Indexing Project is one of the major components included in the SEnuke X software. In order to help your sites to get indexed immediately, SEnuke X created various high Page Rank blog sites and the Xindexer. All you need to do is open the Indexer Project, paste the links that you want to have indexed and submit them. SEnuke X then posts your links to their high PR blogs, and since these are high PR blogs, they are easily noticed by the search engines and most especially, Google. Since your links are noticed by the search engine, you easily get those links indexed by Google and you then move up the page rankings.

One thing to note, when you submit your links, these links will be queued in SEnuke X’s system. Don’t worry. This doesn’t take long. Also, they set a maximum allowable links that a user can submit. This is to avoid any user trying to hog the system. So this limit actually ensures that your links will be indexed in no time.

What Do I need to do before I use the Indexing Project?

Given that you have SEnuke X, the first thing you need to do is generate your content. This means that you need to create those articles or press releases that would link to your main site. The best kind of content is original, unique, content.

Second, you need to have links that have relevant content. To help you create various links to be indexed, you can use of Senuke X’s Social Networking Module or Submitter, Press Release Module and the Article Directory Submitter. Once you submit from here, you would have various links that you can use for your Indexing Project. Once you have those links, you can now use the Xindexer to submit your links.

The Indexing Project simplifies indexing for you and allows you to get your sites indexed with a simple click of a button.

SeNuke X Review

SeNuke X Review of Features and Modules

senuke x review

Before you arrived at this SEnuke X review, you may have browsed through one of the many busy internet marketing forums with people discussing and claiming that SEnuke X is probably one of the most important tools of the IM trade. A good many people, and not all of them affiliates of SEnuke X, say that it has changed the way that they do business, while others say that SEnuke X doesn’t offer anything that some other programs used well can’t give. Many debates do occur, though in many cases people admit that there is something about SEnuke X.

Despite the opinions of a positive SeNuke X review, or perhaps even because of them, the more cautious internet marketers ask themselves the question: is SEnuke X really worthy of all the hype?

The Basis Of This SEnuke X Review

To help some people make a more informed decision, I’ve decided to do a thorough SEnuke X review , based on certain criteria that I believe most people would be thinking about. First: is SEnuke X user-friendly? Next I’ll go through its various functions and see if it is able to do what it claims. After this I’ll check out the speed of this program, and also make a list of its resource requirements, to help other internet marketers decide whether or not SEnuke X is the program for them.

How User-Friendly is SEnuke X

One of the problems you may have heard about the original SEnuke is that it wasn’t very user-friendly. More than one SeNuke X review complained that, while it was a very useful program, new users had to really spend some time to learn just how to use its basic functions. So one of the things that people expected is that an update to SEnuke should have at least a better user interface.

Developers Areeb Bajwa and Joe Russell apparently took this challenge seriously, giving SEnuke X a new look in the form of an updated graphical user interface or GUI. Many people, myself included, found this to be a leap forward in terms of how user-friendly SEnuke X is, compared to it’s progenitor.

The Step By Step Wizard

Probably the feature most likely to be mentioned in an SeNuke X review is the Step by Step Wizard. Aside from improving the interface, the new Step by Step Wizard allows even new users to get started almost immediately. I personally did not have to take long to figure the Wizard out, and set up my first backlinking campaign.

The new feature that is next most likely to be mentioned in an SeNuke X review is the Diagram Designer, which helps design the backlinking campaign. It does more than create a diagram, however, and is actually a way to visually tell SEnuke X how to run the campaign. In addition, SEnuke X also has a Campaign Scheduler, which allows users to tell SEnuke X when to run specific parts of their backlinking campaign.

I found that these two tools together work well to personalize a campaign for a specific strategy, and I believe many, both SEnuke veterans and new users alike, will find them very useful. Overall, SEnuke X has become much more user-friendly in comparison to SEnuke, specially for new users of the program, while giving veterans more tools to use.

SeNuke X Review of The Missing User Manual

One could actually say that SEnuke X is so user-friendly that it no longer needs a user manual. However, this would not exactly be true. While it is easy for a new user to get into the program immediately, and it isn’t difficult to learn, I did find that there were some things that could be explained to me, and perhaps some tricks that could still be used, to maximize the use of SEnuke X.

One way that the SEnuke X team helps to do this is it has created a Forum in the main SEnuke X site that all who purchase SEnuke X have free access to. Here users can share tips, concerns, and even post recommendations and complaints about the software. While it isn’t exactly a user manual, it’s a great resource for the user who’s looking for the best ways to use SEnuke X. There is a success forum as well, which is a good place to find inspiration. Since the launch of Senuke X, there have been more than 100 new success forum stories.

Another way to overcome the lack of a user manual is to try out guides that veteran users of the program have put together. One such guide is the Rapid Ranking Blueprint, by Brian Valentine, where he shares his techniques to maximize SEnuke X, Scrapebox, Market Samurai, and thebestspinner.

SEnuke X Review Of Features And Updates

SEnuke X has many different modules, which allow it to automate various backlinking tasks quickly. These modules are the tools SEnuke X relies on to do what is expected of it, and it’s power can be measured in how effective and efficient they are.

The Account Creation Module

The Account Creation Module allows the creation of accounts in social network sites, article directories, social bookmarking sites, video sites, RSS sites, Press Release sites and Web Profile sites. Another module, the Forum Account Creation Module enables the creation of accounts in forum sites. Between these two modules, SEnuke X can create accounts in 840 different sites, and users are able to add to that list to create custom lists as well.

The main problem with the two modules is that it is SeNuke was unable to efficiently solve Captcha’s. However, version 2.0 has actually been upgraded to be able to solve captcha’s (including recaptcha) automatically with it’s new OCR technology. According to the blog, reCaptcha is used in up to 40% of the sites on their list, and the OCR technology can solve it 75% of the time. I personally have not seen this at work, but I also have not had many problems with account creation using SEnuke X myself.

Automated Submissions

The power of SEnuke X is in various automated submission modules. This includes the Article Directory Module, Social Bookmarking Module, Social Network Module, Video Module, Press Release Module, RSS Project Module, Pinger Project and Indexing Project. Each of these modules allows users to automatically complete the tasks designed under the Diagram Designer.

These modules take the accounts created by the Account Creation Module, and posts appropriate content to them, with backlinks pointing back to your sites. In most cases these Modules can work quietly in the background, able to quickly perform uploads without much attention. Only the Video Module really takes up more time, and this is caused by the size of the videos uploaded.

Once the content has been posted to the various sites, the RSS Project Module, Pinger Project and Indexing Project work to alert the search engines that new content has been posted, in order to get the content and backlinks to be indexed as soon as possible. This allows the target site to rise quickly in search results.

The entire process is actually very impressive, and while SEnuke X was unable to use some of the sites, I would say it was able to post to the sites it did create accounts on rather efficiently. The process seemed to slow down at times, but all in all it was very fast.

How Fast Is SEnuke X

One of the things that is said about SEnuke X is that it is able to do all the tasks it automates quickly. This is actually true, however I would advise a DSL or cable internet connection with a minimum speed of 2Mbps. I’ve found this to be the most stable for the purposes of SEnuke X, as interruptions in your internet connectivity means interruptions in your backlinking campaign, as well as just about everything else.

In addition, despite the fact that it is said that SEnuke X can run in the background, you will want a fast computer with at least 2Gb of RAM. With 2Gb, programs run alongside SEnuke X will lag less, and you’re able to actually use your computer with SEnuke X running in the background. With 4Gb of RAM, your system would have more resources so that your other programs won’t lag, and so SEnuke X won’t lag as well.

SeNuke X Review of Issues

One problem I experienced, and found at least one other to have experienced as well, is that running SEnuke X along with other programs can actually cause other applications to crash. While at first I was not even sure that it was caused by SEnuke X, testing done by another SEnuke X Review found that SEnuke X actually has a useful feature that closes popups. This is actually useful, as SEnuke X uses the browser to create accounts and post, and sometimes popups will appear, which otherwise would require the user to close them manually. This feature sometimes closes programs, however, and it will need to be turned off if you plan to use other programs alongside SEnuke X.

According to the SEnuke blog, version 2.0 of SEnuke X has actually become even faster. Previously, SEnuke X made accounts and posts through Internet Explorer, but the upgrade now has almost all submissions running through sockets. This enables SEnuke X 2.0 to run more effectively in the background, and may also help overcome the previously noted popup problem.

Reliability And Frequency Of Updates

One common problem people have with SEnuke X is its tendency to crash every so often. I’ve experienced this myself, though unlike other programs, SEnuke X has an auto-resume function that allows it to continue its previous task before the crash. Aside from helping to overcome SEnuke’s tendency to crash, this also helps ensure that your campaign can resume should any other unscheduled and unannounced difficulties occur. An update to this SeNuke X review: version 2 has converted SeNuke X to sockets, which means crashes should be less of an issue. Prior to this, SeNuke used the IE 9 browser to submit, and most of the problems and crashes resulted from issues with the IE 9 browser. Now that Senuke no longer uses the browser for submissions, crashes should be much less frequent.

While SEnuke X does have problems with crashing, a definite plus is the speed that Areeb Bajwa and his development team is able to come out with updates and upgrades to SEnuke X. One example is that the first version of SEnuke X was actually just released a few short months ago, and already there is a fully functional version 2.0 that addresses many of the important concerns people have about version 1.

SeNuke X Review of Google Panda

Another concern of SEnuke X users is the new Google Panda update, which is an update to the algorithms Google uses to determine how high a site ranks in search engine results. While I personally have not seen how Panda affects internet marketers yet, the SEnuke X blog has stated that SEnuke X still works after fine the Google Panda update. For people who understand what the Panda update was really about, this should come as no surprise. SeNuke provides a diverse backlink profile for your website, and the Google Panda update had nothing to do with that.

SEnuke X Review of Price: Is It Worth It?

One of the concerns many voice about SEnuke X is it’s price. At present, SEnuke X is available for $147 monthly, while a yearly license costs $1297. When SEnuke X version 2.0 was released some time ago, a lifetime license was made available for a short time for $1997, but this is no longer available at this time. They may, however, make this available again sometime in the future. The cost of SEnuke X includes free updates and support, as well as access to the SEnuke X forums for discussions and free training videos, and you will also be able to install SEnuke X on up to three different computers.

All this means that SEnuke X is more expensive than many other software out there, but I would advise that you look at the price of SEnuke X as more than just paying for a powerful software. As an automated backlinking software, you’re actually effectively paying for a tool that can replace an entire outsourced team of writers, spinners and assistants, which is what you would be using to replicate the capabilities of SEnuke X.

Many others have said it as well, but it deserves repeating here: the price of SEnuke X should be looked at not only in money saved, but also in the amount of time it saves as well. If SEnuke X can save you even an hour of work daily, an investment in SEnuke X actually means you save up to 30 hours a month and more, depending on the complexity of your backlinking campaign.

SEnuke X Review: Some Final Notes

The hype surrounding SEnuke X claims that it is the most powerful automated backlinking tool available today, and much of that proves to be true. It’s upgraded user interface and easy to use Wizards and modules allow an SEnuke X user to create and run a backlinking campaign that can save a lot of time and effort.

While it does have some bugs, and some have experienced difficulties with SEnuke X crashing, the constant updates combined with the developers dedication make any bug or issue temporary. With the latest update, even the problem with SEnuke X’s popup disabler closing your other programs has been overcome, thanks to the updates by the SEnuke X team.

SEnuke X can still be considered a resource hog, however, and if you aren’t using a decent computer with a good internet connection, you may not be able to get the most out of SEnuke X, specially if you plan to run it in the background while working on other tasks. You may want to upgrade your internet connection, and make sure that you schedule SEnuke X to run its campaigns while you aren’t working on anything. Or have it run on its own computer.

Overall, I believe SEnuke X lives up to much of the hype, and is able to do best what it claims to do: automate your backlinking tasks so that you can save time, and money, two of the resources anyone running an online business knows can be very important to the success of your business.

Check out the short video below for a recap of the SeNuke X review:

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