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SiteBildZ SEO

SiteBildZ SEO Module

Opting into SiteBildZ means that you are interested in search engine optimization. If you want to have a successful online business, why wouldn’t you, right? Well, another nifty thing about this new software package is that it comes with training, information and access to ensuring that your SiteBildZ website abide by the best off-site and on-site SEO practices. In this article, we will talk about how the SiteBildZ SEO Module will help users ensure that their new and automated websites do not get buried in their niche’s search engine results page.

The SiteBildZ SEO Module

This module can be found at the lower left side of the SiteBildZ online platform. It has two sub sections dedicated for OnSite SEO and OffSite SEO (also called OnPage and OffPage). Before you can actually use this tab, it is very important to note that you should have at least completed the following steps for your SiteBildZ website:

  • Research
  • Website creation
  • Added products

Unlike the other modules, this is one of the sections of the SiteBildZ platform that integrates Areeb Bajwa’s SenukeXCR. You’ll find out how and why later on.

SiteBildZ OnSite SEO Tab

SiteBildZ SEOFor the OnSite SEO section, users will be able to input and modify the following items about their website:

  • Site Title
  • WordPress URL
  • Site Address URL
  • E-mail Address
  • Admin E-mail Address
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Tags
  • Website
  • Permalinks

As you can see (and as you might expect), there are only a number of things that you can do in this section. The site provides a straightforward approach to on-site SEO, which is always a plus because you will need to focus your time and energy on off-site SEO.

SiteBildZ OffSite SEO Tab 

As mentioned earlier, SenukeXCR will come into play in this module. Specifically, it will be used in this part of the module. Before we go into further details about that, here are some more information about this tab.

According to the SiteBildZ team, there are three things that make up a great OffSite SEO strategy:

  1. Right Diversity– SEO has to be done by dropping links with high quality content from a variety of locations. Google can detect if you are doing the same SEO Campaign that generates the same links from the same type of locations. It’s best to continually have new sites with a variety of links that point directly or indirectly to your money site.
  2. Right Timing– SEO has to be done with a specific timing that seems “natural” to Google. Google will then, over time, see and rank your rank. Doing the wrong type of promotion at the wrong time makes your site look spammy and will result in “slower and lower” rankings.
  3. Right Way– SEO needs to to be done correctly to get your site seen and ranked by Google to avoid lukewarm rankings, slower ranking time and even website deindexing.

OffSite SEO Tips and Tricks 

One of the things you can look forward to in this module is the free offsite SEO report from the SiteBildZ team. It is five pages long and here are a few things you will learn from them:

  • Quality backlinks, even if they’re fewer, are always better than spammy links for site ranking. 
  • Create links from social media sites, social bookmarking sites, social networks, article directories, YouTube channels and more.
  • Schedule your linkbuilding campaigns over a one or two-week period to make it look more natural to Google.

SiteBildZ and SenukeXCR

If you go back to the SiteBildZ’ philosophy on effective offsite SEO, you will find that you can carry out these strategies through the various features of Senuke X or SenukeXCR. This powerful software combines different ways to promote a website automatically and safely. If you aren’t familiar with this software, you can start reading about the different modules of this software by clicking here.


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