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Senuke XCr is the latest and biggest update yet to this backlinking tool since last year’s Senuke X. Areeb and his team announced the update month ago and with its launch on September 19, many are wondering: what’s new?

Well, here’s a rundown of the new features of Senuke XCr.

First: What Does XCr Mean?

The added “Cr” in the Senuke X name stands for crowd sourcing. Areeb wrote in a blog post that the idea behind the update is to “use a large mass of people to accomplish something.” How? Well, through a collaboration method among SEnuke users called Script Portal.

Pause: What’s Crowdsourcing?

Before we talk about the Script Portal, let’s delve a little deeper into crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is much like outsourcing (which we are all familiar with) but with a twist: unlike outsourcing, with this process, you distribute the job to an unidentified subset or group.

What makes crowdsourcing beneficial, in terms of backlinking, is that there is strength in numbers. The more people involved in the process, the faster, more powerful, and useful the Senuke will be.

Senuke XCr’s Script Portal

Under Senuke XCr’s Script Portal, other users can create, share, and fix scripts for each other. It is definitely a voluntary (so users who know nothing about scripts do not have to worry) but those who participate will be rewarded with points.

Senuke XCr Script Portal points are links. For every point you get, you will get a link back to your website. Right now, the only way to access these scripts is to be a contributor- you can’t buy points to download scripts from others.

Using the Script Portal

Using the script portal can be broken down into a few steps:

  1. Create a script that automates getting links from a website
  2. Share the script with other Senuke XCr users
  3. Get 10 points.
  4. Fix broken scripts to get more points. (Optional)
  5. Download scripts from the others (each download will cost one point).

With the Script Portal, you get to have your links distributed to websites other than those listed in Senuke X.

Other Upgrades to Check Out

Since Senuke XCr is not one of the usual weekly/regular updates where the Senuke team will fix bugs and add sites to the software, there are more updates and new features to expect from this launch.

  • Three payment methods: Paypal, wire transfer, and Western Union
  • Macro Reader
  • Four new modules: PDF Module, Wiki Module, WordPress Module, Google Places Module
  • Turbo Wizard
  • Updated Xindexer
  • ImageTyperz integration
  • Captcha Sniper integration
  • Addition of Success Rate column
  • Social Network module’s default setting is changed to re-posting
  • Spun names and usernames generation
  • Spun author bio generation
  • Fast forward to “Project Linking Tab” on Wizard
  • Broken link checker

Areeb and his team also released a series of training videos for mastering the new Senuke XCr.

As with Senuke X, the new version of this backlinking tool will cost $1997 for a lifetime license or $697/month for three installments. Of course, existing users will get the upgrade for free.

We will be checking and featuring each and every one of these updates and additions so stay tuned for our reviews in the following weeks.

Have you tried the Senuke XCr yet? How was it?

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