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Senuke X

SeNuke X

Senuke X is the upcoming and highly anticipated successor to Senuke. It has many new features, but it mainly makes HUGE improvements to the current program.

I apologize for not having a video review yet, but as soon as the product launches, I will run it through its paces and add the video to this post.

The improvements include:

  • Speed. The new Senuke X is multi-threaded (without using IE) and is between 10 to 100 times faster (depends on your setup, and the module you are using)
  • Organization. Now you can organize by project and campaign.
  • Scheduling. You can easily create a project calendar to schedule your projects to run when you want, even if you aren’t around.
  • Senuke X can now run completely in the background by minimizing to the system tray.
  • The ability to auto resume after a “crash”, even though they are designing Senuke X to almost never crash (you know its going to happen sooner or later, so this is really a nice ability). Imagine if Senuke X crashes while running a scheduled task and you aren’t around. Now it will auto resume and continue where it left off. Hopefully.
  • The saving system has been completely overhauled. Now everything gets saved to a central place, instead of having lots of little files spread all over the place.
  • New module. They have added a much requested and needed press release module. Finally! Now you can submit to a growing list of press release sites.
  • New module. They have added a custom web 2.0 module, where you can scrape your own web 2.0 sites that use supported engines, and senuke x will auto create your accounts, including photos and posting links.
  • The new “options” system allows you save profiles instead, and these profiles can then be assigned to projects. Much better than the old options system.
  • The URL manager has gotten a facelift too. Now you can save URL lists, and these lists can be assigned to projects and campaigns.
  • New exciting ability! Senuke X supports “dynamic updating“. What is that, you may ask? Well, dynamic updating allows senuke to update on-the-fly! How it does that is a little complicated, but basically when a site stops working, senuke can update it right away, without waiting for the next update to go out. Pretty nifty!
  • Because of the multi threading ability, you can run as many modules simultaneously as your computer can handle. In other words, you don’t have to wait for one module to finish before you can start another.
  • They are working on a new indexing module, that hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it sounds like it’s going to happen. Basically this module will allow you to index your site’s much more easily. And as we all know, indexing can be tricky sometimes.
  • They are going to include a step-by-step wizard that will guide you from beginning to end. With all the new features of Senuke it’s going to be overwhelming to say the least, for new users, so this wizard will be a very welcome addition.
  • Link tree module. They are going to include the much requested ability to do link trees, or link wheels. They’re calling this ability link diagrams, and now you will be able to organize your thinking plan before you get started. Very useful.
  • senuke x
  • Importing function. For all you long time users of Senuke, they haven’t forgotten you. You will be able to import all your old projects, profiles, and URLs into the new Senuke X. Thank goodness!

Check out the Just Released SeNuke X video below – Areeb explains all the new features in a 6 minute video.

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By now you are probably asking “when is it going to be available?”  This is a fair question, and the best answer is “soon”.  It is currently out in its second beta, so I’m guessing it will be out by March if not before.  You can follow Senuke X progress on Areeb’s facebook page, which can be found here.

Pricing.  The 6 million dollar question that I’m sure you are all very curious about.  As far as I know it will be the same price as Senuke, at least for existing users.  They have talked about raising the price for new users however, but nothing is certain.

My take: if the new version of senuke does what they say it will do, I would expect a price increase at some point.  Not sure how much though.

You can find out more details about Senuke X on the official senuke website here.

Senuke X

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