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One of the nice upgrades that SeNuke will bring is the much heralded multi threading capabilities, as is shown in the SeNuke Videos below. This is not the same thing as what is seeing new does currently, with the many different browser windows of Internet Explorer opening simultaneously. This is something totally different and they say it is 10 to 100 times faster depending on your computer set up.

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It is one thing to hear about it, but there is nothing like seeing multi-threading in action. Check out the SeNuke Videos below to see SeNuke X in all its glory.

This will allow you to do many submissions simultaneously, and in the background. You’ll also be able to use more than one module, while another module is still completing its task in the background.

UPDATE:  Check out  the Lastest SeNuke X promo video below – Areeb covers all of the new SeNuke X in 6 minutes

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In the past one of the big complaints about Senuke was that it was too difficult to use, and I have to admit that I often though that way myself. You’ll be glad to know that the new Senuke X has been totally redone from the ground up to make it much more user friendly, and that means it’s just going to be easier to use. For people who are already familiar with the old Senuke way of doing things, a new version is going to seem like a dream come true. I think that is why the level of anticipation for the release of this new version of Senuke is so high. Once the new SeNuke X has launched, I will include some SeNuke videos below to demonstrate the improved user friendliness.

Probably the most anticipated new module that will be included in the new version of Senuke is the PR or press release module. With the prices for a press release these days ranging from $40 to $400, this module is certainly going to be a very welcome addition. As a matter of fact, this also will be getting another SeNuke Videos as soon as it is released and I am able to make a video.  A useful youtube video can be seen here.

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