SeNuke X And SEO

SeNuke X And SEO- What You Need To Know

Senuke X

SeNuke X is one of the big names when it comes to SEO automation tools. It’s a SEO package where you can strategize, distribute and automate your whole marketing process. Obviously, this is why many internet marketers are raving about its speed and usefulness. But every marketer also knows that the game of internet marketing, specifically, Search Engine Optimisation, is ever-changing.

This really does beg the question as to whether or not SeNuke X can really help dominate search engine results- on a long term basis. Read more »

SeNuke Coupon

The Video Module – Another Reason to Look for a SeNuke Coupon

SeNuke Coupon

I know that you are interested in purchasing SeNuke X- why else would you try to find SeNuke coupon codes, right? As much as you want to find a SeNuke coupon, you also need to consider if the search for Senuke coupon discounts is worth your time. And one of the ways to help you decide whether a SeNuke coupon search is worth your time, you need to take a closer look at this software first.

To carefully dissect the SeNuke software, let’s start first with the SeNuke X Video Module. This is one of the most useful services you’ll get from SeNuke (and why SeNuke coupon codes or discounts are in demand) but it is also getting the least attention. We’ll go over the benefits of video marketing, the relationship between SEO and videos and what the video nuke is all about.

Towards the end of the article, as an extra, I will also give you some tips to find SeNuke coupon codes or discounts.

Video Marketing – Is It Effective?

As of February 2011, there are about 490 million unique users that visit YouTube. Each user would spend around six hours a month on the site – and that’s data from visits on the actual site alone. Views from embedded videos aren’t included yet.  This is an interesting fact, but the question is;  does video marketing have anything to do with  search engine optimization?

SEO and Video Marketing 

Recently, there have been some changes in the search and indexing algorithms of Google. It now displays videos and images automatically on the first page of any search result. The search results real estate is now more crowded than ever – a problem for some internet marketers.

But with every problem comes an opportunity. Because of the integration of videos in a search results page, even websites that do not score well in Google’s index now have the chance to achieve first-page rankings.

The Video Module – Is It Worth the SeNuke Coupon?

The SeNuke video nuke has a reputation of having the least effect on your site’s ranking.  At least, compared to the other SeNuke X modules. Does this mean it’s no good?

Of course, the answer to that depends on how well you create your video and how much you adhere to the SEO rules on the video titles and descriptions.

If you want to make sure that you get the most benefit out of the SeNuke coupon code you researched for online, you should definitely take a look at the video nuke and see how you can use it to increase your traffic.

Video Nuke Improvements

The main goal of the SeNuke video module is to get your video to appear on the first page of search engines – not bad, right? And with the recent changes in the SeNuke X software, you don’t have to worry about video submission taking a lot of your time and effort. All you need to do is create the video, upload it to the server and in just one click  it will be submitted to the 22 video sites included in the SeNuke X software.

Another improvement in the video nuke is that you can get a list of the video URLs about 15 minutes after submission.

Finding SeNuke Coupon Codes

Since SeNuke X is a fairly expensive piece of software, throughout the world wide web you will find a lot of sites that can provide you with SeNuke coupon codes or discounts. The problem is, where will you find the best deals?

First of all, your best bet is to check out the SeNuke X 14-day Trial first. It is a good way to test drive this software. No need for a SeNuke coupon here!

Next, you should go to the SeNuke X forum, there are some users there who offer SeNuke coupon codes. Another good place to look for a SeNuke coupon is at the Warrior Forum, in fact, you might even find some marketers there who have purchased the lifetime license and are selling the software now.

SeNuke X is a good tool to get higher SERPs. But it’s just a tool. Your success is dependent on the amount of hard work and strategy you put in – with or without a SeNuke coupon.

The Pros and Cons of the SeNuke Software

The SeNuke Software In a Nutshell

Senuke software

The SeNuke software is one of the many SEO programs out right now that offers to make an internet marketer’s life a tad bit easier. But of course, it has its own set of pros and cons. With the release of the new SeNuke software, more users are expressing their opinions on what’s good and what’s not on the reboot of this three-year-old automation tool.

As a better way to fully understand the SeNuke software, I’ve listed down its top advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the cons.

If you would like a full overview of the entire SeNuke X software program, please check out my SeNuke X Review.

Cons of the SeNuke software

I’ve observed two major cons with the SeNuke software. It used to be three things because of the not-so-user-friendly interface but the recent upgrade of the SeNuke software fixed that.

Now, to some, these may be quite minimal, and maybe some internet marketers can do away with it. But if these items were fixed, it sure would make the SeNuke software even better.

1. Exporting Specific Projects to a Different PC

The biggest disadvantage to the SeNuke software is that you can’t really save or export a specific project or group of projects to another computer. Sure, you can copy and send information to another computer, BUT it has to be the entire database.

Many internet marketers outsource or delegate projects and it would really help if you have the option to export just one or two projects to another computer. Besides, if you have multiple PCs, this would become a big problem.

2. Exporting URLs

The SeNuke software is really helpful in link building and campaign URLs. But if you want to export the list of URLs you have submitted, you can’t really do so with ease.

Areeb Bajwa, the developer of the SeNuke software, created an option though to export a link to as CSV file when you open a URL list. But you still have to do it manually. Having it done automatically for you by the SeNuke software could help save a lot of time.

Pros of the SeNuke software

Aside from the SeNuke software, I’ve tried other SEO programs in the past too. And in comparison to those, here’s a list of the advantages of choosing the SeNuke software.

1. Full-Automation

Internet marketing involves a lot of tedious, and let’s face it, boring tasks. With the SeNuke software, you can schedule content submissions on different sites in advance. Most of the features of the SeNuke software are accessible with a click of the mouse, which is really great: web 2.0 site creation, article submission, site submission to social bookmark sites, and RSS feeds submission to various directories and much more. In addition to that, the upgraded SeNuke X software can now run fully in the background.

2. Niche Research

One of the most helpful features in the SeNuke software is the niche research module. As an internet marketer, doing extensive research before choosing your next niche is a pre-requisite to success. And the SeNuke software has a pretty decent niche research tool.

3. Article Spinner

The latest version 2.0 of the SeNuke X software has released with it an article spinner (in addition to the integrated thebestspinner software). Like most spinning software, all you have to do is use some syntax and you will get multiple versions of your article.

4. Active Online Community

Most SEO programs do have online communities and a forum for members but what I really liked about the SeNuke software’s forums is that the members are really active in assisting anyone with a question. In fact, Areeb, Joe Russell, and the whole SeNuke team regularly post there too. It’s really a cool way to interact with others and get more insight into the many features of the SeNuke software.

How Much Is SeNuke?

How Much is SeNuke X? Things To Ask Before You Buy SeNuke

How Much Is Senuke?

This is the number question that keeps an internet marketer from taking the plunge: “How much is SeNuke X?”

As with every other business, you need to put in some money first before you actually enjoy some profits. The amount of ROI though deeply depends on what marketing tactics you use and what products you sell. It is also affected by how much you spend while doing these tactics or strategies.

While it is understandable why people ask “How much is SeNuke? all the time, I firmly believe that there are many other questions of much greater worth when it comes to SeNuke X. Here are some questions you should focus on getting answers to instead. Read more »

Get SeNuke Training

Get SeNuke X Training- Three Reasons to Get It

Get Senuke

Since 2008, many have rushed to get SeNuke, as it has been a leader among SEO automation programs. There are many internet marketers who use it to improve their website’s overall performance – not only in terms of SEO but in different aspects as well.

Now, while there are many variables to online success with SeNuke X, it is most important to get SeNuke training. There are many SeNuke X training programs that cater to new, intermediate or advanced users. If you look at different forums or online communities, you will discover many things that you won’t read from the SeNuke X guide or wizard. These are hardcore internet marketers who you can pick up some tips from.

Excellence is an art that can be perfected through training and habituation. The better SeNuke training you have, the better results you will get from this software.

Read more »