SeNuke X Price and Launch Date

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SeNuke X Launch Date

Finally, there is a launch date for what is going to be the biggest launch of any internet marketing product in 2011, the much awaited release of the successor to SeNuke, otherwise known as SeNuke on Steroids and simply the best SEO tool available, SeNuke X. ¬† And we have pricing too ūüôā ¬†The officially given launch date is April 5th, 2011. ¬†The SeNuke X program is actually 100% finished, but they are working on some backend upgrades to handle all the new users.

SeNuke X Price

The price is going to be $127 per month for all continuing users and new users, but after the launch week is over, the price will go up permanently to $147 per month. If you are a current user, what this means is that nothing will change, and if you purchase between now and the official launch, you will be locked in at the lower rate.

This information comes straight from the horses mouth, or email, and it means that if you are thinking of getting it you should do it soon, otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself. ¬†You can save yourself $20 a month, which adds up to quite a bit over the course of a year.

The other thing that was mentioned is that there will likely be a lifetime purchase option made available for a short amount of time Рalthough they did not say how much that was going to be.  There is also going to be a yearly price option at a discount.

The bottom line is that ALL the prices, from monthly to yearly to lifetime are going to go up permanently after launch. Personally, I’m very curious about the lifetime option and how much that will be – fingers crossed!

To get more information and to lock in your SeNuke X Price.

Update – The launch time has been set for 8pm on April 5th, tomorrow.

And – there will be a lifetime purchase option available at launch, it will be $1997 US dollars.

The yearly price will be $997, but only for the launch.  After that it will go up to $1227 I believe.


SeNuke X Price

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