Understanding The SEnuke X Indexing Project

What Is SEnuke X’s Indexing Project?

indexing project
Simply stated, the SEnuke X Indexing Project is a tool within SEnuke X that allows the backlinks it creates to be indexed by Google as soon as possible.

The concept of indexing, which is done by the search engines can be a little bit confusing at the beginning, which is why SEnuke X’s Indexing Project, a.k.a. Xindexer, aims to simplify this for the user. The makers of the Xindexer, as with the entire SEnuke X software, have the goal of creating a program that makes it easier to create useful backlinks that Google will index quickly, allowing the benefits to be seen quickly. They do this in such a way that individuals using the software and its various tools won’t need to have any specialized knowledge in order to use SEnuke X.

If you would like more information on the different SeNuke X Modules, and what the overall capabilities of SeNuke are, please check out my SeNuke X Review.

What is Indexing and Why is it Important?

Indexing is the process by which search engines like Google check the entire web and collect specific data from websites and places these in their database. Google does this in two ways: Deep Crawl Indexing and Skim Crawl Indexing. The former is an extensive indexing process that indexes the entire web which can take about 4-6 weeks. The latter is done more frequently as it just tries to detect new or emerging content. This is important because this is how search engines would generate search engine results when a specific search query is typed in by the users.

So if your site, or the backlinks you generate aren’t indexed, Google won’t be able to use them to determine the ranking of your sites.

How Does My Site Get Indexed?

Well, this is an automated procedure that is done by Google. The problem is, with all the content that is available in the web, your content might not generate great page ranking results. This is what the Indexing Project of SEnuke X tries to help you with. The Indexing Project makes sure that the Google bots that are indexing the web take note of the new backlinks that have been created, so that your site can benefit from them.

How Does The Indexing Project Do This?

The Indexing Project is one of the major components included in the SEnuke X software. In order to help your sites to get indexed immediately, SEnuke X created various high Page Rank blog sites and the Xindexer. All you need to do is open the Indexer Project, paste the links that you want to have indexed and submit them. SEnuke X then posts your links to their high PR blogs, and since these are high PR blogs, they are easily noticed by the search engines and most especially, Google. Since your links are noticed by the search engine, you easily get those links indexed by Google and you then move up the page rankings.

One thing to note, when you submit your links, these links will be queued in SEnuke X’s system. Don’t worry. This doesn’t take long. Also, they set a maximum allowable links that a user can submit. This is to avoid any user trying to hog the system. So this limit actually ensures that your links will be indexed in no time.

What Do I need to do before I use the Indexing Project?

Given that you have SEnuke X, the first thing you need to do is generate your content. This means that you need to create those articles or press releases that would link to your main site. The best kind of content is original, unique, content.

Second, you need to have links that have relevant content. To help you create various links to be indexed, you can use of Senuke X’s Social Networking Module or Submitter, Press Release Module and the Article Directory Submitter. Once you submit from here, you would have various links that you can use for your Indexing Project. Once you have those links, you can now use the Xindexer to submit your links.

The Indexing Project simplifies indexing for you and allows you to get your sites indexed with a simple click of a button.