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senuke x lifetime license

SeNuke X Lifetime License Update as of 8/2/2011

SeNuke Version 2.0 will be launching on Tuesday, 8/9/2011, and the SeNuke X lifetime license will be temporarily re-opened for a 48 hour period starting at launch. This comes straight from Areeb. To put it another way, the lifetime license will be available starting: from 8/9/2011 4PM (EST), until 8/11/2011 4PM. No details on pricing yet, but I would expect it to be similar to the last time (see below).

Make sure to watch your email for updates from Areeb.

I’ve added a very short video about the lifetime license at the bottom of this post. Check it out.


It’s official – there is going to be a SeNuke X lifetime license option available for SeNuker’s who want it.

The SeNuke X lifetime license is going to be $1997.  It will be offered during the launch, but it may be discontinued after the launch.  The lifetime license, if it isn’t discontinued, will increase in price to $2497 after the launch.

There will be a yearly option as well – $997.  Both of these are a substantial savings over the monthly price of either $127 or $147 per month.  If you can afford it, the yearly price is a no brainer, and the lifetime price isn’t bad either.  At the end of the year I am already paying $1524, the life time option is only $473 more.  And if you price out the yearly option, it works out to only $83 per month. Not bad.

They also mentioned that both of these prices (yearly option and lifetime option) will stay in effect only during the launch, and the SeNuke X lifetime license may actually be discontinued after launch, they (Areeb and Joe) have not decided yet what they are going to do.

To summarize:

SeNuke X Lifetime License

$1997 – but only during the launch Period.  May not be offered after launch.

SeNuke X Yearly License

$997 – but only during launch.  After launch it will go up to $1,277 per year.

SeNuke X Monthly License

$127 during launch.  After launch goes up to $147 per month.

>>Latest Update on the Lifetime License and Yearly Pricing<<

This email spells out the most recent update’s on the pricing, as of 4/9/2011. Good until April 12th, Monday, at noon EST.

Special Pricing and MultiPay on SeNuke X

The special pricing is still in effect till
April 12th at 12:00 pm EST.

$1997 for a Lifetime license
$997 for a Yearly license ($83 a month)

Tomorrow we will be rolling out an installment
plan or multipay option for our Lifetime license.

You will be able to get the SEnuke X Lifetime
option for just three payment of $697

This is for the “No Trial” option only but you
will have a full 30 days to request a refund if
not completely satisfied.

Also, because of issues with our payment processor
we will not be able to transfer a current lifetime
purchase to a multipay.


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SeNuke X Lifetime License

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