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One of the nice upgrades that SeNuke will bring is the much heralded multi threading capabilities, as is shown in the SeNuke Videos below. This is not the same thing as what is seeing new does currently, with the many different browser windows of Internet Explorer opening simultaneously. This is something totally different and they say it is 10 to 100 times faster depending on your computer set up.

Check out the tutorial videos in the right sidebar  —->>


It is one thing to hear about it, but there is nothing like seeing multi-threading in action. Check out the SeNuke Videos below to see SeNuke X in all its glory.

This will allow you to do many submissions simultaneously, and in the background. You’ll also be able to use more than one module, while another module is still completing its task in the background.

UPDATE:  Check out  the Lastest SeNuke X promo video below – Areeb covers all of the new SeNuke X in 6 minutes

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In the past one of the big complaints about Senuke was that it was too difficult to use, and I have to admit that I often though that way myself. You’ll be glad to know that the new Senuke X has been totally redone from the ground up to make it much more user friendly, and that means it’s just going to be easier to use. For people who are already familiar with the old Senuke way of doing things, a new version is going to seem like a dream come true. I think that is why the level of anticipation for the release of this new version of Senuke is so high. Once the new SeNuke X has launched, I will include some SeNuke videos below to demonstrate the improved user friendliness.

Probably the most anticipated new module that will be included in the new version of Senuke is the PR or press release module. With the prices for a press release these days ranging from $40 to $400, this module is certainly going to be a very welcome addition. As a matter of fact, this also will be getting another SeNuke Videos as soon as it is released and I am able to make a video.  A useful youtube video can be seen here.

>>SeNuke Videos will be included as soon as SeNuke X is launched.<<

>>Update, training Videos for SeNuke X are now available, see below<<

Well, SeNuke X is still a few weeks away from launch, but they have started to release the training videos already.  Here are two of them:

The video above explains in detail one of SeNuke X how to use the Link Diagram Designer to setup and schedule your submissions of autopilot.

This video goes over how to use the Niche Research Module of SeNuke X.

The SeNuke team has been kind enough to provide us with 13 tutorial videos, they are very helpful and quite worth watching.

The 10 videos below are very detailed instructional videos on how use the different modules in SeNuke X.

You probably have already heard about the feature that will allow you to schedule submissions in advance, and have them take place automatically even if you aren’t at the computer. This is one of the great new features that will be released with the new version of Senuke, but what makes it really incredible is that it also includes a auto resume feature. That means that if there is for some reason a crash, Senuke will be able to start up again where it left off. This is going to be great for peace of mind, and it too deserves yet another SeNuke Videos, which I will add as soon as I am able.  In the meantime, if you would like to see a truly excellent training SeNuke videos , check this one out here.

Updates, bug fixes, and new site additions will all be able to take place on the fly with the new version of Senuke. The old version you had to wait for the developer to come up with a patch then download the patch. The new method allows for instant downloads because the program files are hosted on the server and you will be able to pick them up as you need them, so this will allow the developer to update them in real time.  In fact, the updates will happen invisibly, since the files will be uploaded when needed.  There are plenty of SeNuke Videos right now on youtube, but of course you should wait until the launch of SeNuke X to see the new abilities updated in any of the SeNuke videos.

I don’t know about you but I am very much looking forward to the release of the new version. If it even does half of what says it will do I’m going to be very happy Internet marketer. I’ve been an owner of the old Senuke for long enough to know that the developer is constantly working on the program and updating on a very frequent basis. This is exactly the type of developer that you want for a complicated powerful program such as SeNuke X, it is a given that there will be things that don’t work and things that are broken, and things that work at first and then have to be changed later because of changes that Google or other search engines make. Only a hard-working and dedicated developer such as Areeb is going to be able to do right by Senuke X. If I had to say there was one single reason why a Senuke (and soon Senuke X) are such good programs it would be because of the developer Areeb for sure. Please don’t forget to check back after SeNuke X has been released, since I should soon after that have the SeNuke Videos available.

Check out the ORINIGAL SeNuke Promotional Video for comparison – see how far it’s come

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Check out the SeNuke Videos below to get some tips on how to use SeNuke to index.

SeNuke Videos

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