The Pros and Cons of the SeNuke Software

The SeNuke Software In a Nutshell

Senuke software

The SeNuke software is one of the many SEO programs out right now that offers to make an internet marketer’s life a tad bit easier. But of course, it has its own set of pros and cons. With the release of the new SeNuke software, more users are expressing their opinions on what’s good and what’s not on the reboot of this three-year-old automation tool.

As a better way to fully understand the SeNuke software, I’ve listed down its top advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the cons.

If you would like a full overview of the entire SeNuke X software program, please check out my SeNuke X Review.

Cons of the SeNuke software

I’ve observed two major cons with the SeNuke software. It used to be three things because of the not-so-user-friendly interface but the recent upgrade of the SeNuke software fixed that.

Now, to some, these may be quite minimal, and maybe some internet marketers can do away with it. But if these items were fixed, it sure would make the SeNuke software even better.

1. Exporting Specific Projects to a Different PC

The biggest disadvantage to the SeNuke software is that you can’t really save or export a specific project or group of projects to another computer. Sure, you can copy and send information to another computer, BUT it has to be the entire database.

Many internet marketers outsource or delegate projects and it would really help if you have the option to export just one or two projects to another computer. Besides, if you have multiple PCs, this would become a big problem.

2. Exporting URLs

The SeNuke software is really helpful in link building and campaign URLs. But if you want to export the list of URLs you have submitted, you can’t really do so with ease.

Areeb Bajwa, the developer of the SeNuke software, created an option though to export a link to as CSV file when you open a URL list. But you still have to do it manually. Having it done automatically for you by the SeNuke software could help save a lot of time.

Pros of the SeNuke software

Aside from the SeNuke software, I’ve tried other SEO programs in the past too. And in comparison to those, here’s a list of the advantages of choosing the SeNuke software.

1. Full-Automation

Internet marketing involves a lot of tedious, and let’s face it, boring tasks. With the SeNuke software, you can schedule content submissions on different sites in advance. Most of the features of the SeNuke software are accessible with a click of the mouse, which is really great: web 2.0 site creation, article submission, site submission to social bookmark sites, and RSS feeds submission to various directories and much more. In addition to that, the upgraded SeNuke X software can now run fully in the background.

2. Niche Research

One of the most helpful features in the SeNuke software is the niche research module. As an internet marketer, doing extensive research before choosing your next niche is a pre-requisite to success. And the SeNuke software has a pretty decent niche research tool.

3. Article Spinner

The latest version 2.0 of the SeNuke X software has released with it an article spinner (in addition to the integrated thebestspinner software). Like most spinning software, all you have to do is use some syntax and you will get multiple versions of your article.

4. Active Online Community

Most SEO programs do have online communities and a forum for members but what I really liked about the SeNuke software’s forums is that the members are really active in assisting anyone with a question. In fact, Areeb, Joe Russell, and the whole SeNuke team regularly post there too. It’s really a cool way to interact with others and get more insight into the many features of the SeNuke software.

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