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What Makes Senuke X Different From Senuke Pro

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SeNuke Pro has been on the market for a long time. And it has gotten mixed reviews, of course. That aside, the recent launch of its new and improved version, SeNuke X, has started two arguments among online marketers. First: is the new upgrade really an improved version of SeNuke Pro? Second: are the features they wanted or didn’t want in SeNuke Pro now available in the new version?

Now, as much as I’d like to create a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of SeNuke X, that would be too long and there’s not enough space for that. Instead, to help you to decide whether SeNuke Pro is indeed too ancient for you, here is some information about the new version.

What’s New in SeNuke Pro?

Of course, when you hear about an upgrade, you expect new things. And that’s exactly what you will get with the newer version of SeNuke Pro, SeNuke X.

1.   A more organized user interface. With SeNuke Pro, most of the complaints were about the cluttered and hard-to-understand interface. You won’t find that now in SeNuke X. Just look for a screenshot of it online and you would know what I mean. Or you can even try a trail download for free and see for yourself.

2.    Unlimited profiles and easy profile set up. In this new version, you can set up as many profiles as you want. Aside from that, you can import profile links too.

3.   Improvement of full-automation. The biggest innovation that has been raved about the new SeNuke X is its capability to run on the background 100% and that you can schedule automatic submissions in advance. This gives you much more freedom in designing your backlinking campaign.

4.   More content distribution sites. This is one of the most exciting improvements from SeNuke Pro. There are a lot more sites included in their list. And to be exact, as of launch, there are 840 site listed in this upgrade. That’s a big jump from SeNuke Pro’s 352 listed websites, and the SeNuke X team is constantly working to add even more sites to the list.

A Quick Look At Just How Many Sites

Part of the reason that there are many more sites available to SeNuke X, is that it has added the ability to post to Press Release sites and Forum Profile sites. Admittedly, some sites were no longer supported, with a decrease among social networking sites and web profile sites, but SeNuke X has more than made up for the losses in other areas. And the Senuke team has hired programmers whose only job it is to add new sites, so there are weekly updates that do just that.

Here’s a more detailed comparison of the listed websites.

Social Networks: from 31 to 30
Article Directories: from 12 to 85
Video Sites: from 16 to 20
Social Bookmark Sites: from 22 to 23
RSS Feed Aggregators: from 30 to 30
Web Profile Sites: from 241 to 62
Press Release Sites: 54 (new)
Forum Profile Sites: 536 (new)

And this is the initial list! With the SeNuke X team working on more and more sites, this count is sure to only go higher.

Tips to Help You Decide About SeNuke Pro

Depending on how you use it, SeNuke X can easily be a great upgrade to your SeNuke Pro. It will help create many more backlinks that the original ever could. But before you go from SeNuke Pro to SeNuke X or if you will be migrating from another SEO automation tool, here are a couple of tips or reminders for you:

1.    Basic knowledge of SEO is important, so you understand the role SeNuke X plays in your backlinking campaign.

2.    Don’t forget that you need to produce unique, quality content to make sure that you would get the full potential of an SEO automation or distribution tool. The better your content, the better your results will be.

There are many more differences and similarities of SeNuke X with other automation tools and even with SeNuke Pro that weren’t covered in this short overview. For a full look at SEnuke X and its modules, please check out my SEnuke X review.

You should do you own research too to help you decide whether SeNuke X is really better than SeNuke Pro.

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