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The Senuke Discount – Does it Exist?

Senuke discount

When the original SeNuke was first launched, a lot of marketers jumped in and bought it, while some waited while they looked for any SeNuke discount offers they could find. And when Areeb Bajwa and Joe Russell announced the new and improved version, SeNuke X,  once again there were a bunch of internet marketers searching Google  for SeNuke discount codes (which I have never been able to find). My advice is not to wait around for an Senuke discount which will probably never materialize, when you could be utilizing this powerful tool to improve your website’s rank right now.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the new features of SeNuke X. For the purpose of this SeNuke review, we will take a closer look at what these new features are and what improvements were made. And if these changes are, in fact, making SeNuke X easier to use and more valuable than ever. And of course whether or not a true SeNuke discount actually exists anywhere.

The SeNuke X Interface

If you’ve used SeNuke before, what was your number one complaint? Many would say that it’s the confusing user interface. Well, Areeb and Joe really have listened to the complaints of the SeNuke users. The new SeNuke X interface has been designed with making Senuke easier to understand and use, and to allow a new user to get a campaign running in a short amount of time. The new UI is much more user friendly and even newbies won’t have a hard time understanding what this button does or what that button means. The step by step wizard makes it possible for even complete beginners to dive in and get their first backlinking campaign started quickly.

Improved Speed and Performance

Another observation that I have with the new SeNuke X software is that it does not crash that much anymore (even on Windows XP). The crash rate for the new version is at its minimum and should it happen, there is an auto-resume function where you should just pick up where you left off. The main reason for that is the conversion to sockets, which means SeNuke doesn’t rely on the IE9 browser any longer. This has greatly reduced the number of errors and crashes, thankfully.

It is also much faster now (because of the sockets conversion), and it won’t take up much space on your screen since you can minimize it and still have it running in the background 100% of the time.

Automation and Scheduling

With the latest version, you will appreciate the fact that you can automate your whole marketing process with the help of the different nukes and modules. I’ve never seen anything like that, not in any other automation software. But SeNuke X shows that the life of an internet marketer can be more automated and less tedious.

With the new “scheduler” function, you can schedule your submissions days in advance. Depending on your instructions, SeNuke X will distribute your content when you want it. The time you save by having Senuke run your backlinking campaigns while you do other things is worth more than any SeNuke discount!

SeNuke X’s Central Database

The new version of SeNuke also has a new and improved method of file storage and organization. Senuke will automatically save all the small files in one place, so you won’t have to worry about trying to find your misplaced campaign URL’s. If you used the original SeNuke you know what I am talking about, and trust me when I say that this system is much improved.

More SeNuke X Modules

If you haven’t been too busy looking for your SeNuke Discount, you may have heard that there are several more modules added to the SeNuke X software.

There are the new indexing, press release and custom forum profile modules which are all useful in getting better results from your marketing campaigns. There are more forum sites listed and added to the software, but now you can add your own custom scraped list of forum profile sites as well. The new Press Release and Indexing modules do what you would expect them to do, submit to Press release sites and help to index the URL’s you create with SeNuke X.

A SeNuke Discount Can be Hard to Find

There are many more upgrades to the SeNuke X software and I think it really shows that the programmers and developers behind it are really considering the requests of its users. If you are still undecided, just check out a few more Senuke reviews, but don’t waste your time trying to find a discount. And if you do find a real Senuke discount, please let us know about it in the comments section below!

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