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Senuke Cost vs ROI

Senuke cost

The monthly SeNuke cost is about $147 or if you opted for the one-time yearly membership fee, it costs around $997. Obviously, we aren’t talking spare change here.

It Takes Money to Make Money

Not all internet marketers are willing to invest that much money in their online business, especially when they are first starting out. This isn’t really surprising because most internet marketers have a notion (wrongly) that you can start an online business without having to spend any money. When they first learn the monthly Senuke cost, they usually get hit with IM sticker shock.Although there are some internet marketing gurus who claim to have started their online business with only pocket lint, for mere mortals, you can’t help but spend a few hundred bucks to have a website set up and running. At a bare minimum you will have to pay for web hosting. And if you will be hiring someone else to write the content for you, that will cost you even more.

With the thousands of marketing tools that you can find online, it does get harder to analyze which ones would yield the best ROI for you.

Several Factors That Affect ROI

Return on Investment or ROI is the monetary benefit that you will get back whenever you invest something. In short, these are your profits. And your profits will determine whether you’re sinking or if you’re swimming.

It is the goal of every internet marketer to maximize their ROI. Who doesn’t want more money, right? But getting more than what you invested can be tricky. There are many variables surrounding it that you need to be prepared for.

Whether you’re using paid or free marketing techniques, you want to be able to maximize the profits that you get. Not only are you investing your money, you are putting in time, effort and thought in everything that you do.

Factor In Time Saved When Calculating SeNuke Cost

Here are some things that affect your ROI (oftentimes, the tools you use do not really matter):

  • Your level of commitment to the business (includes time, effort and money)
  • Your niche (is it too specific or too broad? Can it be monetized?)
  • Your content/website’s quality or value
  • Your visibility in the right market and in the search engines
  • Your product’s timeliness and usability

SeNuke Cost and Getting to Profits

The first thing that you have to remember why SeNuke costs more than what you would have wanted is that SeNuke is a service as well as a product. In itself, “buying” SeNuke X is clearly an investment. You can use it as much as you want and you really control how much ROI you would get from it.

There are some SeNuke success stories where a marketer makes twice or thrice the monthly membership fee of SeNuke. There are those too who had to let go of SeNuke because they’re spending more than they earn.

Factors to Consider When Determining The True SeNuke Cost

When considering the monthly SeNuke cost, think about this. The SeNuke team makes frequent updates (often weekly), not only to fix the inevitable technical glitches with a program this complex, but to provide improved functionality and additional features and websites. The most recent of those is the addition of Auto-Captcha solving, and the conversion to Sockets. These are both major, major changes that greatly enhance the program, making it faster, more reliable, and cheaper to operate. Areeb Bajwa and Joe Russell have a team of programmers constantly working to improve and repair SeNuke X, and their commitment and dedication to the SeNuke project is a model that all developers should strive to emulate.

SeNuke X Has Excellent Support

In addition, the tech support team can usually be found lurking in the SeNuke forum, answering most questions pretty quickly. Areeb himself often answers many forum questions. My point is this; all of this takes money (lots of it), and you can be sure that a good portion of your monthly payment goes right back into making SeNuke a better program. When seen in this light, the monthly Senuke cost that seemed so expensive, all of a sudden seems much more reasonable.

Total SeNuke Cost Depends on How Much You Use It

When you think of the SeNuke cost, think not in terms of dollars or whatever currency you are using. The real cost that you have to look at here is the big picture. How much time do you save by automating your content submission? How much more quality content is linking back to you? How much has your website risen in the SERP’s, and how has this affected your bottom line?

SeNuke X is Many Tools in One

Aside from that, if you are wary about the SeNuke cost or price, just consider the other services that you can let go once you have the SeNuke X software. You can definitely save a lot more money in future marketing and advertising efforts. You won’t need a separate niche research tool, since SeNuke include a niche research module. The newest version also has an integrated article spinner called TheBestSpinner which would save you some money from hiring the services of a content writer for example (for more details, check out an SeNuke X review). How much would you save if SeNuke X allowed you to have one less outsourcer, or even two? Factor this into the total SeNuke cost.

Remember, your actual ROI depends not only on the tools you use but on many different factors as well. So don’t sweat your ROI and SeNuke cost, look at the big picture to get the true value of the tools you use.

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