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Nuke4Me Review- Things To Know Before You Sign Up 


Every internet marketer wants to rank high in the search engines – Nuke4Me is a service promoted by Areeb and the SEnuke X team to help that dream become a reality. Whether you have been in this industry for ten years or you know nothing about ranking on search engines, Nuke4Me aims to provide you with some SEO help.

If you have already read an Senuke X review, you might be familiar with its features and how it can help you get better rankings. But just like every other SEO tool, it’s difficult to find the strategy that works the best for you. Nuke4Me aims to take that problem off your shoulders.

What Nuke4Me Is 

Officially launched just a few days ago (November 1, 2011), Nuke4Me is the official outsourcing service from SEnuke X. This service is for internet marketers who want to get to the top page of search engine results pages (SERPs) fast and do not know how. Areeb also says that Nuke4Me is a great tool for people who do not have the time to focus on their online campaigns since this service is totally automated and hands-free.

Now, if you are still over the fence on having a complete stranger running your campaigns for you and you want to give it a shot, you should check out Brian Valentine’s Rapid Ranking Blueprint. It is a training program dedicated to teach marketers all about backlinking- and not just by using Senuke X. You can also find techniques on using other online marketing tools like TheBestSpinner, Scrapebox, Market Samurai and many more.

The Story Behind Nuke4Me

SENuke X is one of the most recognized names in the SEO and internet marketing field. A lot of people have made it big in this business by using this software and so it is not surprising that a lot of existing and interested nukers are wondering exactly what these successful people have done or what strategies they have used with SEnuke.

Areeb has been asked this question time and again- Nuke4Me is his answer.

Who Made Nuke4Me

As you know, the team who brought you SEnuke is the same team behind Nuke4Me. But this time, Areeb is not partnering with Joe Russel. This time, he has shared his knowledge and expertise with Mo Tariq.

Mo Tariq is a SENuke “fanatic” and has been offering his nuking services for a couple of years now. After pitching his idea to Areeb, they have now hired their own team of nukers who will personally handle the different Nuke4Me accounts (that’s why there are limited slots).

Nuke4Me Promises

Nuke4Me is proud about their “hands-free” service and how they can get you to the top of SERPs faster. With Nuke4Me you will be able to:

  • Save time from online campaigns- you just supply the URLs and the keywords and the Nuke4Me team will take care of the rest
  • Put your outsourcing on auto-pilot since the whole campaign will be taken care of the Senuke team
  • Get a personal service- each account is personally handled by one of the Senuke X experts in the nuke4me team
  • Take advantage of the Google strategies that the Senuke X team has perfected over the years
  • Save money on writer fees and SEO specialists- nuke4me has it al covered
  • Get good results even if you have zero knowledge on SEnuke or even internet marketing, in general

The Eight Nuke4Me Steps To Google’s #1

When you use the Nuke4Me services, the nuker dedicated to you will work from Monday to Friday to give you the promotions to help you rank faster. During these days, they will be making and distributing your content to the different sites in the software.

How, exactly? Here is an overview:

Step 1: Profile creation
Step 2: Account creation on different sites (221 total sites from social networks, social bookmarking and RSS aggregators)
Step 3: Article creation and distribution (nuke4me provides all these content)
Step 4: Submission of feed on RSS aggregators
Step 5: Submission of your links on Web 2.0 sites
Step 6: Submissionof your links on Forums
Step 7: Gathering of links and placing them on Senuke’s Ping tool
Step 8: Pinging of URLs to make sure that they are indexed already (using Linklicious)


The Nuke4Me Strategy 

Now that you’ve seen the different steps involved in the Nuke4Me service, I’m sure you’re wondering: well, what’s different about it? Now, of course, I cannot divulge (nor do I know all) all of the details but the one major thing that makes nuke4me different is the way they create your link network.

Nuke4Me groups or networks your link in two distinct ways: random interlinking and long-term and one-time networks. These strategies are not your usual linkwheel (aka link tree) where you link your content to another and to another. These are strategies that work well with SEnuke and it is one of the best link campaigns discovered by the nuke4me team.

Random Interlinking- is a  method, the links are chosen at random. This makes for a stronger link network and it makes sure that all your content are indexed by search engine crawlers.

Long-Term And One-Time Networks- is a method wherein your links will be divided into two categories: long-term and one-time. The long-term links will be updated regularly and the one-time links won’t be updated again. This is a strategy that are designed specifically for the new Google Panda update.

NukeMe Packages & Cost 

Of course, Nuke4Me is not for free (or an add-on service for SEnuke X users) and since it deals with search engine ranking, it will cost you. Fortunately, there are different packages that will suit individual needs and budgets.

Cost: $197
Duration: One month
Websites: 1 URL/month
Keywords: 3 Keywords/month

Cost: $297
Duration: One month
Websites: 3 URLs/month
Keywords: 10 Keywords/month


Cost: $741
Duration: Three months
Websites: 3 URLs/month
Keywords: 10 Keywords/month

Before You Try Out Nuke4Me

The truth is, Nuke4Me really does sound exciting, especially for a newbie in this industry. I’m sure you just can’t wait for the nuke4me slots to open up again – you may even have bookmarked the sign-up page! But before you spend all your time waiting for Areeb to announce the opening of the nuke4me service, here are some facts that are worth considering before you try out this outsourcing service:

Pick You Keywords Well 

When you avail of their service, you will be giving them your website’s URL and the different keywords you want to rank on- so be sure you will be targeting the right and most useful keywords in your niche.

Your SENuke X Monthly Membership Fee 

According to the Nuke4Me team, you do not need to own a SEnuke license to sign up for the service. For those who do not have this software, this is good news. But for existing nukers, I do not think there is any word yet as to whether or not you can (or should) cancel your monthly membership when you get their service (will update you on this).

How Long Will You Use Nuke4Me?

The Nuke4Me team promises to get you to the top of Google’s first page at the fastest possible time. How much time? There are no reports yet (will update you on that one too) so you have to determine whether you are financially ready to commit to it on a long-term basis.

There Is No Money-Back Guarantee Here

Since it is a service and you are dealing with something as unpredictable as search engine ranking, there is no refund policy for Nuke4Me. So before you hit that “buy” button, think hard and well first. Then again, you can cancel your membership anytime during the month but still get a full month’s service.

The Truth About Nuke4Me Results 

We can get into every nook and cranny of Nuke4Me but honestly, it all boils down to one thing: can it really help you get indexed and rank higher on search engines faster?

Well, search engine ranking is dependent on a lot of different factors- competition, size of the market, timeliness and more. In fact, Areeb and Mo recognize this and they do claim that they cannot guarantee a first page ranking right away (and maybe why they did not specify any specif time frame to get ranked). But the Nuke4Me guarantee of getting ranked quicker is definitely worth checking it out.

I signed up for the Platinum Package and I will keep you all updated with my Nuke4Me experience!

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