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Nuke4Me Alternatives- Where To Find The Best Senuke Services

Nuke4Me AlternativesAre you looking for Nuke4Me alternatives? Well, given that the Nuke4Me service was almost instantly sold out, if you are interested in using the Senuke X service but you would rather have a professional do it for you, then you should definitely be out in the market looking for some Nuke4Me alternatives.

To give you a headstart, I have compiled a list of five Senuke X outsourcing services that are worth checking out.

What Will You Get From Senuke X Services?

Before we go on to the list of things Nuke4Me alternatives, it is important to note what it is you are most likely to get from these services. Well, of course, you can just browse through one of of my Senuke X review posts here. But to give you a preview, here are the different things you will get out of Senuke X:

  • Automation of promotion-related tasks
  • Web 2.0 sites account creation
  • Scheduled and automated social bookmarking site submission
  • Article submission service
  • RSS Feed submission to top RSS Feed Aggregators
  • URL and RSS Feeds tracking
  • Niche research is available
  • Integrated spinner software
  • Proxies are available
Combined with the right strategies, these SEnuke X features can help a marketer reach high SERPs faster. Now, if you have zero knowledge on what makes a good online strategy, you should check out this training program called Rapid Ranking Blueprint by Brian Valentine. Aside from talking about the different strategies

A Little About Nuke4Me

Nuke4Me is the official outsourcing service of Areeb Bajwa and Joe Russell. This time, they’ve partnered with Mo Tariq who is the founder of SEONuking (more about that later) to provide nukers with a totally hands-free nuking experience.
According to Areeb and Mo, their Nuke4Me service is all about utilizing the strategies that are tried-and-tested and are compatible with Google’s recent Panda update. To get more details about Nuke4Me, check out my Nuke4Me review.
Nuke4Me Alternatives: The Independent Senuke X Service Providers
If you are serious about internet marketing, you should be familiar with the Warrior Forum. It is an online community where internet marketers share stories, techniques and strategies. It is also home to professional nukers who offer their nuking services through the Warrior Special Offers (WSO) where you can have a seasoned nuker start and run a whole marketing campaign for you.
Checking out nuke4me alternatives in this forum is perfect for marketers who are on a tight budget. If you look good enough, you can find nuke4me alternatives that can give you up to 500 links in just three days. Then again, when you are shopping for Senuke X WSOs, you have  to be extra vigilant and skeptical. Look for real reviews and real proofs from real people.

Nuke4Me Alternatives:  Mo Taqi Before Nuke4Me

Even before the name Mo Taqi became associated with the nuke4me brand, he has been making his way through the nukers circle for many years.  He is a recognized name in the Senuke outsourcing field, especially because of his own outsourcing service called SEONuking. Even if Mo is involved with Nuke4Me, SEONuking is still available to the public.

With SEONuking, you wil have get to choose three URLs that you would like to be indexed and a list of keywords. Now, unlike nuke4me, with SEONuking, you have to supply them one spun article on a daily basis. The service has a monthly membership fee of $197.

Here are some other things you will get from SEONuking:

  • Submission to top 30 web 2.0 sites
  • Submission to top 20 social bookmarking sites
  • Submission to top 15 RSS sites
  • Submission of articles to MyArticleNetwork (20 articles/month- this is aside from the spun article you provided)

Nuke4Me Alternatives: Other Services To Check Out 

The good thing about looking for nuke4me alternatives is that you won’t really run out of options. Senuke X is a widely-used software so you can expect that some nukers will try to cash in on the demand for nuke4me alternatives.

Here is a list of other nuke4me alternatives that are worth checking out:


Senuke Services Org is a pretty reputable Senuke outsourcing services. There are two main packages that you can choose from this nuke4me alternative:

  1. Silver Plan= 1 URL,2 Keywords
  2. Gold Plan= 3 URLs, 9 Keywords

Both plans include a full Senuke X submission, UniqueArticleWizard submissions and a full monthly stats report. Like Nuke4Me, you don’t have to worry about providing them any content.


Easy Nuke is another one of the many nuke4me alternatives that have gained some following over the years. It was launched way before Nuke4Me and it has gotten good reviews too. With EasyNuke, you don’t have to worry about producing your content.It is already included in their packages. They marketing campaigns will be done five days a week just like Nuke4Me.

  1. Option 1: $149/month, 1 URL, 5 Keywords, Senuke services, daily reports
  2. Option 2: $249/month, 5 URLs,10 Keywords,Senuke services, Daily Blog networks, daily reports
  3. Option 3: $599 for three months and all the services from Option 2

If you really can’t wait for the Nuke4Me service to open up again for more slots, then you can certainly find other nuke4me alternatives that can suit your needs. Just remember to be careful and to do your research first before you buy in to that Senuke service provider.

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