Multi-Threading: The Secret behind SeNuke X’s Speed

Why Is SeNuke X So Fast? Answer: Multi-Threading


When Areeb announced the coming of SeNuke X, he took pride with the new multi-threading capabilities of the software. Obviously, this caused a lot of excitement with a lot of  SeNuke X users. Multi-threading is almost synonymous to speed and efficiency, especially in a SEO automation tool.

But after the months since the first release of SeNuke X, has its multi-threading capability lived up to the hype? Is the new multi-threading feature really that powerful?

First Things First: What is Multi-Threading?

For the non-techie people, a quick and simple way to define multi-threading is that is a way for an application or program to do different tasks practically at the same time. Imagine a team of carpenters building a house together, each one working on a different part of the house, each with the same goal of completing the house, each reading from the same set of blueprints to get everything done right.

Additionally, a program that has multi-threading capabilities can best take advantage of computers with multiple processors. This means that the program can not only do many things at the same time, but can also do them quickly.

SeNuke X and Multi-Threading

Because of the new multi-threading ability of SeNuke X, you can run as many modules as you want to at the same time, doing different parts of your strategy to complete the tasks much faster than it could by doing so sequentially. Imagine creating even just 20 accounts one after the other. If you could two at the same time, you cut the time you need in half.

With the new SeNuke X, you can plan and execute your promotion and submissions in multiple threads. As to how many threads, well that’s dependent on your computer’s speed. Add the ability to control when each submission occurs, and you can create backlinks quickly on the schedule that you set yourself.

Factors Affecting Multi-Threading Speed

The fact is SeNuke X is now really fast. Some nukers can even run 99 threads and 50 browsers at a time! Still, there are factors that can influence the speed that SeNuke X can get the job done. These factors are mainly your PC’s speed and your internet connection.

If you want my advice, here’s the ideal technical specifications to run SeNuke X decently:

HD: 120GB or so drive
RAM: minimum of 4GB.
CPU: at least 2-processor system
Internet Speed: at least 4MBPS

Final Thoughts on SeNuke X

Each individual module also has its own multi-threading capability. Even the Niche Research Module and Pinger Module have been multi-threaded now.

Of course, my favourite would be the fact that we are no longer limited to running just a single module at a time. I can start a Social Bookmark Nuke while the Article Directory Module is running too. It’s a real time saver. And with the release of SeNuke X Version 2.0 and its integration of sockets, you can expect to get even faster results, with SeNuke X running in the background.

Overall, SeNuke X and its multi-threading function did live up to its hype. But to really get the most out of your SeNuke X, make sure to only use it when you need to. There is and there will never be any benefit to campaign blasts – especially if the quality of your content is not good. SeNuke’s multi-threading is fast, but you won’t get good results if you post bad content.

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