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Backlink Beast
Backlink Beast is another backlinking tool that has made noise in the past weeks. It was launched recently by internet marketer Matt Callen.

If you have been looking for more information about this new software, this article will help you out. And as to whether or not it can be a Senuke XCR alternative? Read on to find out.

Backlink Beast Promises

Before we go into the nitty-gritty of this tool, here’s a quick list of the many promises of Matt Callen and his team:

  • “Get #1 Google ranking for highly competitive keywords and out-tank the “big boy companies” regardless of ANY new Google updates.” 
  • GUARANTEED: Panda and Penguin Safe & Effective- enormous link diversity 
  • Achieve top rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo! 
  • Hands-off link building 
  • 30 Day no-questions-asked money back guarantee

How: 5-Step Backlink Beast System

According to the Backlink Beast team, there are just five steps to complete a full campaign:

  1. Create email addresses (automated) 
  2. Find and create site accounts for content submission and link building (automated) 
  3. Verify email addresses and activate accounts
  4. Enter your content in spintax 
  5. Press Start and wait for the Backlink Beast link report.

All the steps outlined here can be done in a few clicks of the mouse. The great thing about this software is that it is very easy to use and takes just a few minutes to set-up and complete a full backlinking campaign.

Backlink Beast Features- Links

As every online marketer ought to know, link diversity is a must if you want to avoid getting penalized by Google. With this software, users can choose from different types of websites to create backlinks from:

  • Social networks 
  • Web 2.0 articles 
  • Social Bookmarking 
  • PDF and Document sharing 
  • Web 2.0 profiles 
  • Press Release aggregators 
  • RSS 
  • Custom sites (BuddyPress, WordPress, Drupal, Oxwall, etc.)

The Backlink Beast also comes with a “schedular” (yes, that’s with an “a”) to make sure that your sites are getting backlinks continuously.

The Backlink Beast ‘Secrets’

All backlinking tools promise protection from the Google sandbox. So how exactly will Backlink Beast present itself in this area?

  • Tiered Link Building 
  • Use “buffer links’ from reputable sites 
  • Natural link growth 
  • Link Indexing (through LinkPipeline integration)

If you’re thinking, “What are buffer links?” Here’s the answer: buffer Links are the links that protect your money site from the not-so reputable links or tier 3 or lower websites.

Here’s an example from the Backlink Beast team: “First build links to your money site using “URL as anchor text” or generic keywords as anchor text, from a few higher quality submissions in Backlink Beast. We’ll call this Tier B links.

From there, auto-build tons of other links using your target keywords, and variations of them to your Tier B links (controlling the anchor text used within Backlink Beast). We’ll call these Tier A links. You can even take it further and build even more new links to your Tier A links… and so on..”

Backlink Beast Campaigns

With Backlink Beast, every user is entitled to an unlimited number of sites or URLS for link building. This means that you can have as many campaigns running as possible, using as many keywords and websites as you’d wish.

The Backlink Beast software also supports non-english characters and campaigns. It is important to note though that this Windows-only software can only be used at one computer at a time- but users can “reset” the software license and install it in another computer.

LinkPipeline Integration

As mentioned earlier, LinkPipeline can be integrated into this software. It is an link indexing service/software created by Matt Callen too. It comes in three pricing packages:

Backlink Beast VS. Senuke XCR

It is very difficult to compare Senuke XCR and Backlink Beast due to many factors. Aside from both tools being softwares (and not a browser-based backlinking tool) and promising link diversity, these two are very different.

Senuke XCR is a massive tool with numerous modules and is certainly made for the ‘mode advanced’ backlinker, Backlink Beast promises convenience and ease with its 5-Step system. If anything, this software looks a lot more link Link Pyramider, in terms of function.

Backlink Beast Price

Another great aspect of Backlink Beast is that it is fairly inexpensive. There are two pricing options to choose from: pay a monthly fee of $6 or a one-time payment of $397. Regardless, both come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.


What You’ll Get from Backlink Beast

Here’s a complete rundown of what you will get with this software:

  • Software 
  • Video and PDF training materials 
  • Matt Callen’s personal linkbuilding tips
  • Customer support 
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

If you are looking for a Senuke XCR alternative or substitute that is much easier and faster to handle, Backlink Beast is worth looking into.

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